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Using an external part exchange partner alleviates the related complications and simplifies the process.


A part exchange deal is based upon property buyers being offered discounts to purchase a new home in exchange for their own home. So in effect they are 'exchanging' their current property for a brand new one. As it is unusual for a housebuilder, developer, park home provider or any other such client to want to purchase the old property, Quanta PartX steps in to acquire this with a small discount and a guarantee that completion will take place promptly. Unsold property stock and accountancy issues are avoided for property developers and house builders, whereby there may be a requirement to make certain provisions for profit that is not yet or may not be realised.

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Using an external part exchange partner alleviates the related complications and allows property developers and house builders to achieve the ultimate goal of selling a new home to their customer without having to take on ownership of this customers own home.


Uncover the significant benefits that property part exchange provides for our clients across the country.
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