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How can a sale be guaranteed?
The underlying principle of a guaranteed sale is the availability of cash funding - as long as the required level of cash is available to purchase the subject property then there is no risk of a sale not completing. Quanta PartX is supported by two private equity pension funds which provide millions of pounds of available capital.
What happens if the RICS survey results in a lower valuation than the initial offer?
Quanta PartX follows a standard process of using a professional valuation as the definitive piece of information that dictates the final price. Although on many occasions estate agent surveys are reasonably accurate, there are occasions whereby an offer will be changed due to the result of the RICS valuation.
Do you purchase properties that are in poor condition?
Quanta PartX will purchase any property in any location despite the condition - the implicating factor is the price and as long as the home owner is happy with the offer then we will take the property on.
What happens if the homeowner does not accept the initial offer or the final offer?
Homeowners are of course free to accept or decline offers that are presented by Quanta PartX. What we find however is that as long as there is supporting evidence to justify the price then most homeowners view this as a solution to allow them to buy a brand new home.
How long does the sale process take?
Quanta PartX can complete the purchase of a property in 7 - 14 days. As long as the home owner is responsive then everything else is managed by us.
Is there a minimum or maximum price that you will pay for a property?
There is no minimum but the maximum purchase price that we will offer on is £500,000. Exceptions are occasionally considered for properties in key locations in London.
Does the property of the homeowner need to have a value above the new home being purchased?
No - we offer flexibility with our service and can assist with most requests which means that the original property can be higher, lower or the same price as the new home.
Are there any fees applicable to the part exchange process?
All fees are covered by Quanta PartX so there are none payable by either our clients or the homeowner.
How is it possible for this to work if there are no fees payable?
We only get paid when the property that we have agreed to buy resells on the open market. This is a risk that we take and we accept that some properties sell for more than others and some quicker than others.
What percentage of the market value of the property is offered?
Each case that we deal with is different and as such we assess each property on its own merits and characteristics. This allows us to take on all property types in any location so means that we can make offers in almost any situation.

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